What can Twitter do for your business



Twitter adds value to businesses in the following ways:

  • Comments on Twitter are indexed by Google within hours, improving your search profile.
  • Your tweets can drive traffic to your website.
  • Twitter gives you direct contact with journalists and editors.
  • Company news can be seen by journalists and potential customers as it happens.
  • You have contact with people who may not normally take your phone call.
  • Promotional messages can be promoted to wider audience than your existing customers, with the explicit endorsement of those who retweet them.
  • Twitter raise your company’s online profile

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also known as search engine advertising.
On sites like Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter, you bid for your preferred keyward against other advertisers. When these words appear in users search quearies, your ad appears alongside the search result – usually labelled as sponsored links or sponsored results.
Most SEM is on a pay per click (PPC) basis, under which you only pay when a user clicks through from an ad to your website. Thus SEM is very cost-effective, sine the ad is only triggered by relevent search terms and you only pay for actual traffic delivered to your site.
Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter both provide some online advice in choosing keywords and managing SEM campaigns.

Advantages of Digital Marketing


  • It is comparatively inexpensive for the target audience numbers involved
  • You can create instant campaigns to address hot topics
  • You can try different forms of advertising and assess the results
  • You can display videos demonstrating the product or service
  • It can highly personalized (ads on specific websites, SMS direct to the individual’s desk and pocket)
  • You can openly show happy customer’s feedback
  • You can measure and monitor responses to ad campaigns at the click of a mouse