Mobile Design

Google has announced penalties for websites that aren’t mobile friendly. So, if you’re one of those unfortunate few who have a site only for desktop use, it is time for you to upgrade it immediately. At ObjectArray Technologies Solutions, we build websites that would not only look beautiful on a mobile, or a tablet but also convert your visitors to leads and customers. Your online future is bleak without a mobile friendly website.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile friendly website is a site, which is designed to display properly on smartphones, tablets and other smaller screens. Desktop websites don’t render well on such devices. Only a mobile optimized website adjusts to smaller screen size & formats the content as well as the interface in a mobile friendly way, including buttons that are touch friendly, quick download speed, mobile friendly navigation and text that are easy to read and larger.

Why Is Mobile Website Important?

Nowadays people are using their smartphones to search for local businesses, research products & services, buy products, compare prices and what not. So that these people have a positive experience when visiting a company website on smaller screens a mobile friendly website is very important. If the site takes time to download or isn’t easy to use on a smartphone, the visitor may move along and visit the competitor website. Having a mobile website has several advantages. It improves search visibility and user experience, develops brand identity, and increases lead generation. Google has also started favouring mobile-optimised sites.

Features of Our Mobile Web Design Services


Our Approach to Mobile Web Design

For complimenting our professional website designing services, ObjectArray Technologies Solutions offers special services to optimize sites for a mobile browsing experience.

Although most of the companies put their focus on properly displaying the traditional websites of their customers on a mobile browser, we implement mobile optimized sites that compliment the traditional website. When a mobile user navigates to a site, he or she is automatically redirected to the mobile version of it.

Where Mobile Websites Fall In Digital Marketing Approach

A great mobile friendly website design encourages visitors to read content and interact with the website, impresses them and gives them a positive website experience. And when visitors have a better experience they turn into potential buyers. So, if you are not offering a mobile friendly experience to your customers they are going to visit your competitor who has a responsive site.

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