Website Design

Do you want a website that would capture the eyes, impress the mind and help you get business? You are at the right place then. At ObjectArray Technologies Solutions we create engaging, results-focused, custom web design with our individual client in mind. You'll find no boring templates here.

We can design a new website or re-design an outdated site for you.

Elements of Creating a Great Website Design

It dictates everything right from flow to readability. Designers have started to use space in ways, which we didn’t see on web before. Vast spacing, increased spacing between the lines of text & overall use of open space has become the trend nowadays. However, space isn’t always white. It even refers to lack of elements and may be a texture or a background colour.

Navigation must be easy to use as well as easily identifiable. It’s also vital to keep the navigational menus to a minimum so that a user doesn’t gets overwhelmed. Depending on the kind of site, 5-10 navigation items must be aimed for. Navigation even includes tools, which help users navigate through a website.

This appears either in the header or as a ‘contact us’ page with a form or an expanded information such as phone number and address. Any of the option may work well depending on the design of the site. The main intention is to make it highly visible.

A website is mainly a gateway to any action – be it gathering contact information, providing information or making a sale. For ensuring this action, the design of the site should be such that the call to action becomes strong and obvious.

Footer is a great place to connect with the target audience of a site. It can have a lot of information without getting in the way of design. It can have the contact information, context or links for the site, company information or a site map. It must be designed to mesh with the site but can have a minimalistic feel.

Each and every button on the site must be recognizable. They must have the same design effect, shape & feel irrespective of the location or purpose.

Stunning visuals draw users in to a site. But it is important to be careful when using too many stock images because the site may look like something else.

Only a few typefaces were readable by browsers and computers before but now there is no limitation for the designers. But the designers need to be very careful while using the fonts as that depicts the brand image and determines the impression the visitors have about the business.

Colour plays a very important role for a website. Choosing the right colour combination may affect how successful the site is in retaining its users and keeping them on the page. It takes a trained eye for carefully balancing the colour scheme of elements in regards to one another.

Our Web Design Process

A lot of web agencies may ask you what you want from the website for your business and on the basis of that they will build your marketing medium, but our approach is a bit different. We first try to know you and your business’ goals & objectives for understanding what your business needs from the website. After getting to know it, our design team recommends what exactly an effective website should look like and creates an Information Architecture (IA) for your business.

An effective website and a well-poised IA after all:

  • Not only looks great but is also simple to use

  • Brings business closer to customers

  • Allows a customer to become much more involved with the products or services that are being offered

  • Maximizes leads & sales

  • Generates direct conversions

  • Encourages brand awareness & loyalty

  • Allows the business to stand out from its competitors

Once the design structure is agreed, we start creating the stunning visuals that your site requires. Our web designers have years of experience working with different types of businesses and so, designing the perfect website meeting the needs of our clients has never been a problem for us. Our website designs are attractive, user friendly, fast, accessible, responsive, search engine optimised , functional and goal driven.

Why OATS For Website Design?

  1. The professionals are creative and technical

  2. You can update your site whenever you need

  3. You won’t burn a hole in your pocket for website designing

  4. There are no hidden fees

  5. The web design will be completed much before you expect