Custom PHP

PHP is a scripting language. It has powered millions of web pages and has now become the default standard of web application development in the open source space. It is widely used nowadays and was originally designed for developing dynamic web pages. Individuals or small businesses that look for avenue over the web always prefer PHP as a language for developing their online presence.

Why We Mostly Recommend PHP?

  1. Boasts simplicity: Creating a code in PHP is simple. It is like writing an essay in English but the only thing is the essay is actually a piece of code for developing and running robust websites.

  2. User-friendly: PHP is simpler to work with in comparison to other languages. It produces great HTML result with least possible codes.

  3. Compatible with other kinds of technologies: PHP runs on most of the web servers and operating systems helping to create big and complicated websites or web applications. It however works best with Linux Server - the most popular server nowadays. And it produces wonderful results when merged with Ajax, CSS and HTML.

  4. Time saving: Unlike other languages that consumes a lot of time while generating clustered result, PHP produces reusable scripts, which works in a flawless manner throughout the site saving most of the time and effort.

  5. Free: PHP is an open source language and thus is free with no licensing fees, which means the cost of using it is nominal.

  6. Works well with CMS: Most of the popular CMS apps are in fact written in PHP.

  7. Flexible, powerful and scalable: Facebook, the most powerful and biggest social media platform runs on PHP. It has also created a PHP derivative language called Hack for meeting its content management needs. All these show the level of robustness, flexibility & scalability that’s built into PHP. Moreover, in comparison to other languages, its biggest advantage is that its code used in websites can be updated without a server reboot.

  8. Embed-ability: Developers can convert any existing static website code into a new dynamic and responsive one easily by embedding the PHP code into HTML.

  9. Platform independent: Developers can write their codes on a windows machine & run it on a Linux machine.


We’ve worked on more than 100 projects and have helped startups, SMB’s and even fortune 500 companies to launch their projects as per the latest PHP trends and standards thereby meeting their unique business goals. Our developers have hands-on experience and technical breadth in creating fully customizable result-driven PHP websites and applications.

Our PHP Development Services

From e-commerce solutions to customized software; interactive business applications to rapid development of application framework; dynamic websites to open source implementation; we have expertise in all. Our very talented PHP developers ensure bug free, SEO friendly development and are able to develop custom applications of all size, nature and complexity. They mainly work with Ajax, LAMP stack, Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies for adding interactivity to the web applications making them highly reliable, secure and effective.

Whatever may be your project requirement, complex or simple; our professional developers ensure you get the best solution tailored to your business objectives and flexible enough for meeting your future requirements.